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Donald Goes to Graduation 

Graduation is often the climax of years of hard work and a pit stop on the way to the next stop in one's educational journey or career path. After learning about college and homecoming, Donald is ready to take on graduation. Come along for the ride as he learns about post-college preparation and the endless possibilities of education. 


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Donald Goes to Homecoming 

Every year, thousands of HBCU alumni head back to their colleges for festivities, fun and fellowship at homecoming. Donald was able to share in this experience with his parents as they visited the AUC for their homecoming celebration. From the parade, to the football game and tailgate they all had a wonderful time.


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Donald Goes to College

How soon is too soon to talk about college? 

Donald and his parents took a ride to Atlanta, GA where 5 year-old Donald got his first college informational. Throughout the car ride, Donald learned all about what is needed to prepare for college and what he will do when he gets there. This is a car ride he'll never forget! 


Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started College

How should you pay for college? How can you keep off the freshman fifteen? And what about Greek life?

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me before I Started College simplifies college life with sound advice and firsthand tips and tricks from Charmisse Owens. It’s the perfect merger between a to-do list and a laundry list of reminders and best practices—with a few anecdotes along the way. Covering topics such as roommates, networking, parties, freshman fifteen, and graduation, this handy guide is sure to motivate, inspire, inform, and assist college students as they head out on their own.

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